Fairtrade Fortnight Social Initiatives - Hekima Girls School in Bukoba - Tanzania

Hekima is an all girls boarding secondary school, whose majority of attendants are daughters of subsistence peasants. It is located in the rural village Kashozi, 12 km of Bukoba town. It was fundamentally started to rescue young women by providing them with quality education especially those from poor economic background who otherwise would be faced with hostile cultural, economic, academic and social injustices.

Since it’s founding to date Hekima has been taking considerable development strides, both in terms of academia and infrastructure. However the financial limitations have resulted in the school being unable to accommodate the volume of students taking ill from Malaria. It is for this reason that Hekima are trying to raise much needed funds to build an infirmary for their students who fall ill, so that in the future they will be able to be cared for on school grounds rather than having to be sent to hospital which comes with its own financial implications, or prevent having to pull healthy student from their studies to care for their ill schoolmates.

The current structure will accommodate 10 students, 1 nurse’s bedroom, a small, simple kitchen and dining room for patients, a pharmacy (medicine storage room), a laboratory and examination room.

The long- term goals of this project are to effectively take care of students’ health, reduce the school nurse’s burden of commuting to and from hospitals/health centres, greatly reduce involving healthy students in nursing the sick, and therefore ultimately promote students’ academic performance.

All this will not only benefit the students but also their families and the school at large. Moreover, we are considering the possibility of the dispensary giving emergency first aid to neighbouring villagers.

The grant will cover most of the costs of building the intended structure. These include purchasing and transportation of all industrial materials, purchasing and transportation of baked bricks and labour charges.

Contingencies, the cost of locally available materials, especially stones, aggregates and sand will be met by the school.

The cost of this project is €27,686 with the requested grant from Fairtrade being €20,705. Insomnia will be raising approximately €11 thousand of the €20,705 total, which is over half of the required amount to make sure this project gets the green light and the Hekima girls school gets their much needed Infirmary. This will be achieved by donating 5 cents from every hot beverage sold over the duration of the Fairtrade Fortnight which gets under way today (24/02/2014)  and will run until the 9th of March.

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