Fit To A Tea

The start of  a new year usually brings with it the best of intentions, we tend to set ourselves goals & objectives, usually revolving around our own well being and most importantly improving it. This season, as part of our new New Year Range, we have a selection of organic tea's that are sure to help you achieve your goals of a better you, these include; Organic Lemon Detox and Organic King Pu-Erh.

Unfortunately these two organic teas won't pull you out of bed to go to the gym at 6am, but what they should do is help improve the way you feel, as there are many positives to drinking these organic Solaris tea's and we would like to explain the process and some of the benefits....

Organic Lemon Detox

A zesty blend of lemongrass, fennel, nettle and juniper - herbs, traditionally used to stimulate the organs of detox, such as liver, kidney and your skin. The blend is also caffeine free.

Organic King of Pu-Erh

Renowned for its energising and detoxing properties, our King of Pu-Erh is aged for a minimum of 6 years. Pu-Erh breaks down fats before they are processed by the liver and therefore reduce the amount of fats that are deposited in the tissue.

So, if like most people this January you find yourself looking for a way to stay on track of your New Years resolutions, why not give our new organic tea's a go and see if the benefits help assist you to stay motivated and tackle 2014 head on!

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